Terms of Services

Please read these Terms of Service carefully before using ChumCrafts services.

By using our Services you agree that these Terms of Service will govern your relationship with ChumCraft and to follow directions from staff members in addition to the terms below. If you do not completely agree to these Terms of Service then you must not use any of our Services.


“ChumCraft”: which is defined as, but is not limited to the following:

  1. the ChumCraft Minecraft servers
  2. the ChumCraft.com website
  3. the ChumCraft Discord server
  4. all features and functionalities as well as components of each of them, whether they are accessed through a computer or a mobile device.

“Staff”: All members with a discord role of Admin or helper.

“Content”: Content includes, but is not limited to

  • Player datafiles
  • Anything created or obtained while playing on ChumCraft such as
    • Player or container inventories
    • Images (e.g., screenshots) of ChumCraft
    • Builds (e.g. blocks placed or manipulated in any way, shape, or form while on ChumCraft)
    • Text (e.g., chat, emails, or any other communications sent to or on any ChumCraft affiliated medium)
    • Electronic information (e.g., IP Addresses, information contained in allowlists or denylists, etc)

We make efforts to perform backups hourly to ensure that builds are not lost due to server issues, data corruption, griefing, etc. However, we are only human, things can happen. We are not responsible for the loss of items, time builds, or anything else you may feel owed in the event that the server eats your items or build. We are a private server, and as such depend on the community for self-moderation. We are also not responsible for anything said, or shared in-game or in Discord. If you have issues with something that was said or done, please be an adult, and have a discussion with the person who said it before coming to the staff. Finally, we offer this server as a place for us to play, we are in no way obligated to continue offering it and can shut down services without notice if financial or personal situations require it.

Meet the admins


Co-founder, MC Admin, Server Admin, all-around asshole.


Co-founder, MC Admin, Server Admin.