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Game Mode: Survival
Difficulty: Hard

Live World Map

You can take a sneak peak at a live view of our map. Our current world is an amplified, pregenerated world that is roughly 5k x 5k blocks without a world border.


Vanilla Tweaks - Craft Tweaks

  • 12 Trapdoors

    Creates 12 trapdoors instead of 3.

  • back to blocks

    Allows you to craft full blocks from stairs and slabs.

  • craftable coral blocks

    Allows you to craft coral blocks from 3x3 coral.

  • dropper to dispenser

    Allows you to convert a dropper to a dispenser using a bow, or by using string and sticks.

  • more bricks crafting

    Creates 4 bricks instead of 1.

  • more stairs crafting

    Creates 8 stairs instead of 4.                                                        

  • sandstone dyeing

    Allows you to craft sandstone with red dye to get red sandstone.

  • uncraftable ice

    Allows you to break down ice into 9 pieces. 1 Blue Ice to 9 Packed Ice to 81 Ice

  • universal dyeing

    Allows you to dye any dyeable block to another colour, no matter what colour it is.

  • uncraftable nether wart block

    Allows you to break down nether wart blocks into 9 nether wart.

  • 4 bark blocks

    Creates 4 bark blocks instead of 3.

  • uncraftable wool

    Allows you to break down wool into 4 string.

Vanilla Tweaks - Data packs

  • anti enderman grief

    Prevents endermen from picking up blocks.                            

  • anti ghast grief

    Prevents ghasts from blowing up blocks.

  • armored elytra

    Allows you to combine an elytra and chest armor together.

  • cauldron concrete

    Adds the ability to toss concrete powder blocks in a cauldron and get concrete blocks back.

  • customizable armor stands

    Adds a unique book that allows you to alter the properties of armour stands and item frames in survival.

  • custom nether portals

    Allows the creation of nether portals in any shape or size. Still requires a minimum size of 10 obsidian blocks.

  • double shulker shells

    Makes all shulkers drop 2 shells.

  • more mob heads

    Adds a chance to receive a mob head upon killing it.                

  • player head drops

    A player will drop their head when killed by another player. The item displays who the killer is.

  • silence mobs

    Adds the ability to silence mobs using a name tag. Silence me; silence me; silence_me are all acceptable names.

  • track raw statistics

    Adds 100+ scoreboards that track many different statistics. Especially useful for multiplayer.

  • track statistics

    Adds statistics that are processed before-hand. E.g. Km swam, Km flown, etc.


  • Prime Directive

    We are a group of friends on a invite only WL server, so treat others as you would like to be treated... I.E. Just be respectful toward everyone.

  • Rule 1.

    Use common sense.

    Open communication is better than assumption

  • Rule 2.

    Do not use any hacks/hacked clients of any kind.

    No x-ray, minimaps like VoxelMap are okay.

  • Rule 3.

    No item duplication or exploits of any kind.

    TNT for sanctioned community based projects (with a group vote/approval)

  • Rule 4.

    No playerkilling (without mutual concent).

  • Rule 5.

    No stealing.

  • Rule 6.

    No griefing.

  • Rule 7.

    For TPS reasons we agree no building in spawn chunks. As such, no building within a 150 block radius (square) around world spawn. Builds/farms in that are are subject to removal.

  • Rule 8.

    No "alt" accounts.

  • Rule 9.

    Leave outside drama, outside.

  • Rule 10.

    Please do not ask us to: Teleport you, Spawn in items, spawn in animals or entities, share the seed, or use server logs to find your death coords.

Meet the admins


Co-founder, MC Admin, Server Admin, all-around asshole.


Co-founder, MC Admin, Server Admin.